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Bear Creek rug care is a rug cleaning company that offers a wide range of services for your rugs.
We offer hand washing on all rugs that are able to be fully submerged. We never use chlorine products or wash rugs with other rugs to avoid cross contamination.

We offer protectant, full urine removal and odor removal (sometimes urine will fade color out of fibers) Tired of seeing the edge frayed? We do repairs. Reweaving, edge repair and new fringes. If you have wool carpet, sometimes moths love to lay their eggs along the edges underneath the rug and when the babies hatch, they need food and since wool is a natural fiber. That’s how those pesky little holes develop. We offer moth protection. Rug storage, too. You need it, we do it. Right now we offer free pick-up and delivery until further notice.

Services offered:

  • Washing and drying of all types of rugs
  • Protectant for all of your fine textiles/furniture
  • Moth protection
  • Storage
  • Repairs
  • Odor removal

Most people have no idea where to start when searching for a professional to clean a cherished rug. Let Bear Creek Rug Care guide you where to start. Make sure the company you choose cleans the right way.

The most CRITICAL part of the rug washing process. 80% of the soil found in your rug is dry soil. Having your rug surface cleaned in your home by a carpet cleaning company or washing alone, will not remove this soil. This soil is deep within the tight knots and foundation yarns of your rug. * See video below of a rug being dusted.

Some rugs like to bleed when they come in contact with water. Color fast testing determines whether we will use a Wet or Dry method of cleaning. This is also why a rug should never ever be cleaned in a home. Some of our Color Fast testing takes at least 24 hours. It’s better to be safe then sorry. Cleaning a rug in someone’s home is never the safe way.

Which process to be used will be determined by the testing. Not all rugs can handle full water submersion and require a more delicate touch so as not to damage older fibers and help control bleeding from unstable dyes.

Rugs that are wet cleaned in our bath have to have a thorough rinsing to remove all detergents and remaining dirt. Once they are rinsed, we extract them using a vacuum. All rugs are handled with care. This quickens the drying time.

Now the rugs are ready to begin the drying phase of the process. The rugs will dictate whether they are to be hung or laid flat for drying. We have a climate controlled room with fans that provide a gentle breeze to remove the final percentage of moisture.

We allow the rugs to dry as long as necessary so that you have a dry rug when it returns to you.

It will still take a little time for your rug to acclimatize to your homes humidity level. Our facility is humid due to the nature of our work, and, of course, your home will be much drier. This should only take a day or two at most.

Lets face it, hiring anyone to do anything in your home is so hard. That is why we always ask friends and family who they are using and if they are happy. This is the best way but our family doesn’t have all the answers. So this means that you will have to do some shopping around and that is why you are probably at this website today. I created this page for one reason and one reason only. TO HELP PROTECT YOU!!!! Even if you do not use my company I want you to have some knowledge so that you can pick the right cleaner for your situation. I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have seen a lot of things. I know for a fact if you follow half of what I tell you today you will be just fine choosing the right company. So here is my Top Ten list of things you need to know or ask when shopping for a rug cleaner.

1. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID the 1.00 to 1.75 per square foot guys!!! Why you ask? I have been in this business for a long time and I can tell you the average cost for professional rug cleaner to do his job correctly. So when you get a quote for a 1.50 per square foot I know they are going to use their big old truck mount with that hot steam on your beautiful rug. In order for them to make a profit they have to. And if the rug bleeds, browns or something else goes wrong their insurance won’t fix it! That’s even if they have insurance. I talk more about insurance in number 6 below. If you want a splash and dash cleaning then call the local franchise. Look, I promise you, anything under $1.75 should send you running. Protect yourself! Protect your rug!

2. If the cleaner wants to clean the rug at your home inside or in your drive way say thanks but NO THANKS!!! Rugs should never be cleaned in the customers home…..PERIOD! A true well trained rug cleaner will have a facility and won’t even ask to do the rug in your home. There are many reasons we do the rugs in our studio. We can go into all those reasons later.

3. Are they Wool Safe Approved? We are a Wool Safe Approved Service Provider and I am Wools Safe Certified. Anyone cleaning wool rugs should be Wool Safe Approved.

4. Have them explain their method. They should be confident in their methods and able to explain them easily. Remember avoid the TRUCK MOUNT! (truck mount cleaning is hot water extraction using a machine that is usually located inside a van and only the hoses are brought into your home. The heat and power that these units create is overkill for most rugs especially for fine wool and silk)

5. All rug cleaners should offer a Wool Safe Approved Fabric Protection.

6. Do they have insurance? Very Important! Just let me explain how this works. All carpet businesses that are legit, will have insurance. The most common mistake I see in the industry is carpet cleaners that think their insurance covers them from major mistakes on rugs. It happens all the time. Carpet cleaning insurance DOES NOT COVER RUGS!! You have to have specific insurance period!! If something is to go wrong a true rug washer will have the proper insurance to cover the issue.

7. Stay away from the tub washers using bleaches and the BIG HOT truck mounts. If they tell you have the greatest and strongest truckmount in the business and they can do this and that you need to keep shopping. Truck mounts are not needed to clean rugs. Again this is not wall to wall carpet and you don’t want some big truck mount cleaning a beautiful wool rug. Hot steam on a wool rug or a silk rug……SCARY! Also the Chem Drys. I won’t say to much other than stay with a company that is a true rug washer. The goal is to keep your rug clean and make it last as long as possible. The products and procedures of these type companies WILL DAMAGE your rug.

8. Will they dust your rug? You HAVE to remove any dry particulate soil before you clean any rug and before choosing any cleaning method that is best for the particular rug.

9. My final and most important question you should ask…..Do They Have a GUARANTEE?

I wish you the best and I sure hope you decide to call us and find out more about our Rug Spa. I am very proud of what this company has achieved and I am also very proud of everyone who works for me. I promise you that your rugs will be taken care of and we will do our best to not only get them the cleanest possible but to assist you in any way possible.

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